title: Ghost Net[works] I
location: East Harlem NYC
part of: Weaving In & Out by No Longer Empty
date: Summer 2010

Ghost nets have nothing to do with the paranormal; but rather with our own misplaced property. When I first started doing research on ghost nets, it was in order to design the concept behind Ghost Net[works]. I was amazed by all the consequences that spring from them, as I was shocked about their transformation over time. I also learned about the different types of ghost nets, and more importantly the huge quantities of ghost nets that one might found wondering about in the oceans these days.

Ghost Networks recreates the underwater feeling of seeing a ghost net, from the perspective of marine life. It does so in order to re-focus the public’s attention on the current state of the worlds oceans, and expose all the untidy litter that passes under our name, raising the awareness of plastic pollution while learning about the long term implications of single-use-plastics in the environment. For me it’s important to have local trash and personal belongings in the composition. So that whenever I speak about my work I can point out to things I found around the community. I do these things in order to show people that in reality all of the trash found in the ocean today has our names written all over it; the same reason why we should all care and be concerned about what we’re doing.

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