title: Ghost Net[works] II 
location: Newseum, Washington DC
part of: Marine Debris Summit 
date: Fall 2010

Ghost nets refer to fishing nets, traps, pots, fishing line, etc., that has been lost accidentally, deliberately discarded, or simply abandoned at sea. As this drifting gear roams the oceans of the world, it continues to operate as designed; fishing not only for targeted, undersized, and protected species, but all of the ocean trash that happens to cross its path.

For me it is important to make ghost net recreations that speak both of reality of todays oceans, but also to have some of our own trash and personal belongings in the composition. So that whenever I speak about my work I can point out to my wife’s old hair pin, or my old tooth brush, for example. I do these things in order to show people that in reality all of the trash found in the ocean today has our names written all over it; the same reason why we should all care and be concerned about what we’re doing to it.

Read about my work on the Ocean Conservancy’s Facebook Page.

“The sea is a place where one gets a sense of the great antiquity of the earth. It seems changeless; but it is always changing. It links the dim beginnings of time with the present. I suppose that the surface waters of the ocean look much as they did some 300 million years ago, when the first animals were coming out on land to take up a strange new life.”

Rachel Carson

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