The municipal Art Society recently declared Dumbo’s waterfront to be one of the most endangered historic places in Brooklyn.

Paraíso Perdido addresses a nostalgic feeling into this controversy and approaches this lost (historical) valued as a lost paradise; one that was precisely lost in the search for it. It is because of everything that the waterfront has to offer that more and more people are being attracted by it but at the end of the day we might realize that what we loved so much about it has been long gone.

Brooklyn’s industrial heritage is becoming extinct. Development in this borough is booming, and pushes to site new residential towers where previous industrial buildings have been located. In the past years the city has rezoned large portions of Brooklyn’s waterfront to encourage residential and commercial uses but in this way has failed to protect these historically important buildings.

“We need to raise awareness that these buildings are of significance to the entire nation and that their loss is of national concern. The most effective way to do this is to list it as one of the National Trust’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.”

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Sound Effects by: Renato Monzon - ‘Gracias’

Photo by: Oliver 62 via Flickr

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