Postal Milk Crates emerged from a contest, sponsored by the Dumbo Improvement District, which solicited proposals from artists, designers and architects to create and install imaginative temporary lighting installations along the waterfront in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Winning proposals were selected by a panel of judges from representatives of the Brooklyn Arts Council, the d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, Jan Larsen Art Gallery, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Parks & Recreation. The six selected designers were each given a $1,000 budget to build and install their sculptures.

Postal Milk Crates readapts everyday industrial objects [milk crates and postal mail trays] found laying around in the streets of Dumbo; an re-appropriates them to create an outdoor ready-made pice of furniture for the kids.

"Dumbo is in many ways the creative capital of New York City and you can't celebrate the holidays down here without a bunch of quirky artists going around trying to one-up each other with over-the-top decorations, so we thought we should take advantage of that imagination," said Tucker Reed. "Sure, it's eccentric, but it works. These sculptures really capture what we all love about the holidays in a new and provoking way, and they add a playful element to the park-giving people a reason to come out and enjoy the view at a time of year when they might otherwise not.”

Tucker Reed, via Dumbo BID Newsletter

Mushroom by Anonymous Artist

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