Inspired by the People’s Corners all over the world, we will create a free speech triangle where spectators can transform into orators and will be allowed to speak of any issue. The original People’s Corner was legally established 1872 in Hyde Park England. What used to be a stage for hangings, transformed into a landmark for public speaking. No microphones or high tech is needed but only an eclectic set of objects often used as platforms to address public gatherings such as soap boxes, crates, two-step ladders, among others.

The Art Under the Bridge Festival is known for its free spirited art and is a festival where people from all walks of life go to be surprised, challenged and also like to engage with the artist and with the art piece. A salient characteristic of DUMBO is the intermittent train passing through the Manhattan Bridge. The encroaching noise of the train will turn on and off the voices of the orators. This is symbolic of our democratic system that allows only some voices to be heard and others are silenced.          

This installation can interact with other public performances going on in the Pearl Square Triangle, as the purpose is to watch how this free speech zone is used (or not).

A dear friend of mine working in the International Zone in Irak at the time, asked if I could read one of his statements as a way to remotely exercise his freedom of speech. A portion of the statement can be seen in the video below.

Read about it in The Brooklyn Paper:

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