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J. Manuel Mansylla aka manman made his artistic debut in 2003 with his solo exhibit ‘Proyecto de Reciclaje No. 2’. Winner of the most prestigious contemporary art competition for up-and-coming artist in Guatemala [his country of origin]. This project was the first of many projects working with salvaged, reclaimed or repurposed materials; a trademark in the artists work.

His projects are characterized by open-endedness; inclusive-design-strategies and conceptual art propositions that challenge contemporary lifestyles and humankind’s global realities. Holding them as: that which stands between local individuality.

Given our contemporary homogeneous situation, the artist proposes courage and creativity as the essence of identity, the very thing that defines us as unique and different from the rest.

As part of this ‘search for identity’, in which we all seem to be enrolled, questioning and opposition become the means of transportation to this global/local/individual/universal reality.

Visit Proyecto de Reciclaje No. 2

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His art and design work have been featured in many design and architecture magazines, shown on national television and featured in various local newspapers.  In 2004, manman was named one the three most promising architects under age 40, and in 2005 he got an honorary distinction in the first architecture Biennale in Guatemala. He was invited to become faculty at his university even before he was technically an architect.

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